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She trulybelieves when people look their best they feel their best and that is exactly what show day is all aboutDespite being the smallest in the crew in early years Erryn enjoyed liftingwith the boys and the big girls. At the time her focus wasmore on strength than aesthetics even though every lift was accompanied by lashes and lip glossApproaching a benchmark birthday she decided to take her body to a new level living the life of her design and designing the life she desired. To her own surprise and that of her family and friends Erryn made the leap and decided to compete.After two years as a bikini athlete and national qualification Erryn chose to mergeher two worlds as one and Pro Perfect was bornSTAY UP TO DATE PDF1.66 0 objendobj xref6 300000000016 00000 n0000001096 00000 n0000001173 00000 n0000001371 00000 n0000001402 00000 n0000001712 00000 n0000001955 00000 n0000002065 00000 n0000002230 00000 n0000002265 00000 n0000004782 00000 n0000007431 00000 n0000010502 00000 n0000013375 00000 n0000013409 00000 n0000016416 00000 n0000016875 00000 n0000017129 00000 n0000020233 00000 n0000025714 00000 n0000032545 00000 n0000035238 00000 n0000035466 00000 n0000035705 00000 n0000035782 00000 n0000035817 00000 n0000036103 00000 n0000036239 00000 n0000036355 00000 n0000000896 00000 ntrailerstartxref0EOF 35 0 objstreamxbf Update Your Browser FacebookYoure using a web browser that isnt supported by Facebook.To get a better experience go to one of these sites and get the latest version of your preferred browser and one of our core focuses at the moment is Nail Art.Just painting your nails Think again... Gone are the days of baby pink tips and conservative colors.Sleek cyber shades texture unexpected designssilver or golden hoops pierced through nails are taking over.Nail Art offers endless opportunities for you to express your creativityand with such a wide variety of nail art products availableyou can create anything you desire at minimal cost and effort.The real effort is practisingTechnicians should aim to create their own masterpieces.The basic techniques are easyall you need is a bit of imagination and the right equipment and products.Nail Perfect For All Nail Technicians Needs. Move PerfectDr. Grove HigginsDr. Grove Higgins the movement doctor is a highly soughtafter rehabilitation movement and performance specialist based in Colorado Springs CO. He works with a broad spectrum of clients from professional athletes in various sports to soldiers and veterans.Without question the shinbox from Dr. Higgins and CSHPR and how they progress it is amazing. Ive personally been shinboxing for months now and my hips and low back have never felt so mobile. My athletes most of which laughed the first time I showed them the shinbox now do it without asking theyre addictedNick Clayton MBA MS CSCSD NSCACPT RSCC USAW Personal Training Program ManagerTruly experts in healing. I flew here from Florida and will make the trip numerous times because Grove is the only one talented enough to solve the problems caused by my injury.Jamie Bartho About your instructorHey Im Juliea New York Times bestselling publicist and LA lifestyle blogger with a Tennessee accent sweet husband and 4yearold and a passion for helping bloggers and influencers like you.Ive coowned a business OMG Publicity and helped land amazing artists authors entrepreneurs and bloggers land ink in publications from Forbes to Elle Magazine. Clearly with a thing for pages I went on to spearheaded book campaigns that broke New York Times BestSelling records under Michael Hyatt at Thomas Nelson Publishers and worked with dozens of bestselling authors who have collectively sold over 100 million books worldwide.But now Its back to the digital page I work with bloggers entrepreneurs and authors like ABCs The Bachelorette Emily Maynard bestselling author Emily Ley Lifestyle Blogger Lauren Scruggs Kennedy and YouTuber Angela Lanter to grow brands into sevenfigure businesses. The bottom line I dont believe your hard work should go unpaid. Content creation is no jokeand you deserve to be paid for the audience youve worked so hard to bring together no matter the size. And nows the time to hand over the education to YOUWhat others have asked before joining Pitch It PerfectWho is the right fit for this programIf you want to learn how to use effective pitch strategies to reach more brands and collaborators convert more gifted offers into payi Update Your Browser FacebookYoure using a web browser that isnt supported by Facebook.To get a better experience go to one of these sites and get the latest version of your preferred browser Perfect Net Terms of ServicePLEASE READ THESE TERMS OF SERVICE CAREFULLY. BY ACCESSING OR USING THIS WEB SITE YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS DESCRIBED HEREIN AND ALL TERMS INCORPORATED BY REFERENCE. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ALL OF THESE TERMS DO NOT USE THIS WEB SITE. These terms of service Terms apply solely to your access to and use of the Web site of located at the Site and the web development and hosting tools and services accessed through the Site as more fully described below the Services. 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